Paradigm Steel Buildings

Welcome to Paradigm Steel Buildings.

We supply cold rolled steel buildings which are fully CE Marked.
Industrial,  Agricultural, Garages and Equestrian all bespoke to your requirements. 
Specialising in sectional steel framed stables.


 Paradigm Steel Buildings

We are committed to providing quality cold rolled steel building soloutions and construction products at a competitive price.

We can design and manufacture buildings from small storage sheds to light industrial units meaning the opportunities for a bespoke design are exceptional. We offer a practical approach and design assistance. All our soloutions are  manufactured and supplied from a facility in the North East of England.

Our cold rolled systems provide flexibility in design and construction and are widlely used in many construction markets to provide a quick and effective build.

Industrial Unit.

Cold rolled galvanised steel section up to 25 meters span, any length,
available in Single Skin.

Composite, 40mm, 80mm, 100mm,
18 meters span, any length.

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